Second Life Intellectual Group Discussion Chat (via IRC)
Want to discuss today's topic, or whatever else is on your mind with members? Enter your name (nick) below and start chatting with our Second Life members. Formal discussions are typically scheduled at 12 PM PST and 7 PM PST, but we're always up for intellectual discussions anytime. See below for other important considerations.

To use your own IRC client, use the following information:

Server (aka Hostname):, Port: 6667

Other considerations:

Be aware that Second Life has a significant amount of lag in its group chat system. Therefore, there will often be delays between when a comment is posted and when a comment appears. These delays can sometimes take 3+ minutes. Unfortunately, we have no control over the lag and ask you to be patient when posting your comments and/or waiting for a response.

In IRC, someone who is in Second Life speaking in group chat will appear in IRC as "SL-Firstname|Lastname."

Even though it might appear only a few are in IRC chat, there are typically many more than you can see. A person in chat will only appear on the list after they post a message. To see a full list of people listening/watching the chat, you must log into Second Life and be a member of the Second Life group.

As with all discussions, personal attacks and making trouble indicate that someone has run out of ideas, and these behaviors are not tolerated in the forum. This forum is for people to come together to think about facts, logic, and ideas. Violators are subject to being ejected from the group and banned from IRC chats.

The discussion group on Second Life is 500 lindens to join and has open enrollment. We are a community of men and women who seek beauty and stimulation through our minds. We find ideas, education, and self-improvement sexy. We think intelligence is hot. But is more than brains and I.Q. alone. We are curious. We have common sense. We value and offer wisdom. We experiment. We have great imaginations. We devour literacy. We are intellectually honest. We support and encourage each other to be better. intellectual group discussions in Second Life are typically held at 12:00 PM SLT (PST) and 7:00 PM SLT.

Keep an eye on the top of the chat window - other members can send you private messages. When someone sends you a message, their username will appear as an additional tab next to the tab. (Unfortunately, you are unable to exchange private messages with members who are participating from Second Life.)